Rooftop Patio Behavior


Use of Patio and other Common Areas

 It is sad that we again have to post a notice such as this. Unfortunately, we have had several incidents where the patio and common areas have been left in unacceptable condition. There has also been evidence of unacceptable behavior such as smoking, running around on the rooftop outside of the patio area and walking on wet paint even though there were signs CLEARLY posted.  There were actually footprints in the paint as well there are cigarette burn marks in some of the benches.

Smoking in common areas, including the patio is against Corporation Bylaws, Provincial legislation and it is extremely dangerous!  Think about how many condo fires have started from people throwing their butts in planters.

Section 36 of the current bylaws state a resident shall not…

(a)  (a) use or enjoy the property of the Corporation or the common property in such a manner as to unreasonably interfere with its use and enjoyment by other Owners or the occupants;

(b)  (e) do anything in respect of his unit, the real or personal property of the Corporation or the common property or bring or keep anything on it that will in any way increase the risk of fire or result in an increase of any insurance premiums payable by the Corporation.

Walking around on the rooftop outside the patio area also increases the risk of damage to the roof and/or mechanical equipment.

If you know of the resident or residents responsible for this, please let our Management company know by emailing Corina at, or phone (780) 988-1947.

Your corporation spends money and we have residents volunteer to keep our common areas looking amazing for everyone to enjoy.  This is disrespectful to not only those individuals that give their time, but to every single resident in this building.  This type of abuse WILL NOT be tolerated.  Common area usage is a privilege, not a right, and can very easily be taken away. The board will be installing deadbolt locks to prevent access should this continue.

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