AC Units

Phillips Lofts

As spring/summer approaches (Hopefully) – just a reminder it is the responsibility of the owner to have their AC unit serviced and to ensure that it is functioning properly. When these units fail, they tend to generate a lot of noise which is very disturbing to our residents on the 5th floor.  (In addition to the fact that malfunctioning air-conditioning units have potential to cause water leaks/damage).

Over the past 2 days, there have been reports that there is an AC that is malfunctioning and generating quite a bit of noise, constantly turning on and off. We have not yet been able to identify which unit this belongs to, however if anyone on the Southeast side of the building (01 and 02 Suites) has been attempting to run their AC over the past few days, please check to ensure that it is working properly. If you need Board assistance with this, please contact us at

The Board does reserve the right to lock out any AC unit that is not working properly until such time it is repaired.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation in the matter