Opposition to “Mega-Bar” Development Proposal in Fox Towers

Opposition to "mega-Bar" Development proposal in Fox Towers
As you all know, we received notification of a development proposal at 10201-104 Street with a request for a variance in the Current HA (Heritage Area) Zoning bylaws, which allows for a neighbourhood Bar/Pub at 100 Patrons per 120m2 of Public Space.  The Applicants are are asking to increase this allowance to 596 Patrons in 691m2 of Public Space.
I have met with DECL as well as other residents and members of the 104th Street Committee and we are all concerned what a development like this could do to our community, and are of course opposed to this proposal.  The scale of this establishment does not fit with the neighbourhood.
At this point, the Development officer has ordered the applicant to do a community consultation, which is what they are doing by issuing the letter.  The feedback will determine whether or not they grant the discretionary use.
When speaking with members of the community, this will really be a numbers game.  We need as many letters as possible sent to the Development Officer in opposition.
What I am asking from all of you:
1.  Write a letter in opposition to the development – I have sent a rough draft of the letter if have sent, as well as the one DECL has sent for you consideration.  If there are 2 of you living in the same unit – write 2 letters.
2.  Email it to Carla Semeniuk and copy the following individuals:

3.  Ask your friends and family – anyone you know that loves our street, to also write letters….

We will be reaching out to other condo Boards on the street to rally up as much support as we can.  Please act soon as all feedback must be received by July 19.
Thank You all for your support!!!!
 Open letters:


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