Condo Corporation

What is the board of directors?
How is the board of directors elected?
How will I know when the AGM is being held?
How can I present requests, questions, or get involved with the condo board?

Condo Contributions

What are condo contributions?
What do my condo contributions pay for?
What if I don’t pay my condo contributions?
How do I pay my condo contributions?


How do I operate my heater and air-conditioner properly?
What paint colours were used in my suite (for most)?
What do I do if I notice common area maintenance problems?
What can I do to maintain my hardwood floors?
Where can I purchase an air filter for my furnace?
How can I keep my stainless steel table and bathroom sink clean?


What do I do about noisy people or parties?
How much noise is allowable?


Can the condo corporation dictate where and what I park?
What if someone is in my stall?

Property Manager

What if I have a problem with my unit?
How do I get the elevator booked for move ins or outs and what is involved?

Renting or Selling

What if I decide to move a tenant into my condo?
What if I move but do not sell my unit?


How can I view the front door?
How can I let some in at the front door?
What can I do to improve security?
How can I fasten something to my ceiling?
How much is this web site costing us?
Do I have to carry insurance?
What if I have a pet?
What do I own?
What about my balcony?
What access do I have to the roof deck?
What clean up am I responsible for?

Still Have Questions?

Is there a question of yours that has gone unanswered?
Please contact us and we will try and answer it as soon as we can.

Condo living is a lifestyle of community living and a partnership of all owners. Your cooperation and participation in the affairs of your Condo community will enhance the lifestyle and ensure the integrity of your investment in your property for both you and those around you.