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Intellimeter (Priority Billing is the billing arm of Intellimeter) is a metering system that meters each of our suites independently for power, heating water (furnace), hot water, and cold water. The developer, Chandos Construction, purchased the system on behalf of our condo corporation in 2002. This was not disclosed to owners until the first AGM in November 2002. Installation was completed well after the first owners moved in. The system has been plagued with water meter problems since the beginning. These problems appear to have been caused by the incorrect wiring of those meters. The power meters, however, having been working without any problems. As of January 2005, the gas and water bills were rolled into condo fees.

With regards to billing, Intellimeter supplies only a billing service to us. Outside of the administration charge and 50% of the financing charges they do not receive any other compensation from us. Therefore, any delay in payment on your utility bill only affects our condo corporation’s cash flow.

Average Power Billing per Suite

[sws_custom_table width=”100%” bgcolor=”ffffff” tbcolor=”ffffff” tbwidth=”2″ tbtype=”solid” hbgcolor=”ffffff” hcolor=”eeeeee” hbcolor=”eeeeee” hbwidth=”1″ hbtype=”solid” bbgcolor=”ffffff” bcolor=”666666″ bbcolor=”cccccc” bbwidth=”1″ bbtype=”solid” bzebra=”ffffff” bhover=”cccccc”]

Billing Period 2007 2006 2005 2004
Jan/Feb $96 $77 $67
Mar/Apr $98 $66 $61
May/Jun $79 $85 $68
Jul/Aug $184 $162 $73
Sep/Oct $101 $124 $90 $70
Nov/Dec $95 $123 $132 $62
Total $654 $637 $491 N/A


Average power bill is for two months. More and more owners are installing air-conditioners, so we should see more electricity being used during the summer months going forward.

Utility Expense for the Building

Utililites (power, gas, water, sewer, and waster removal) represent 40% of our expenses. The graphs below will give you a feel for our utility usage for power and gas. The Intellimeter billings tend to capture 60-65% of our power bill.

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