Why Phillips Lofts?

Why Phillips Lofts

As you consider which condominium to buy into, some attributes of Phillips Lofts might not be apparent at first glance. So why Phillips Lofts?

There is no better location in the downtown to live. The 4th Street Promenade is quickly becoming the heart and soul of downtown’s residential community. The promenade is home to the ever so popular Downtown Farmer’s Market (pictures can be found under the Photo Gallery), which runs every Saturday from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving. Imagine walking out of your front door to stall after stall of fresh produce, freshly baked bread, ethnic snacks, and homemade crafts. The market is complemented by the many stores and services that have called 4th Street home over the past few years. With the completion of Sobey’s and the ICON Towers, this street will take on a truly urban village feel to it.

The Board also wants to be seen as transparent as possible. Nearly anything you will need as a potential buyer, owner, or resident can be found on this website.

Only a block east, you will find City Center, Edmonton’s downtown shopping mall, and the newly completed YMCA. We would be remiss without mentioning that downtown is also home to the highest concentration of independent restaurants in the city.

Edmonton is known as the Festival City, and there is no better place than downtown to experience those festivals. A summer weekend doesn’t seem to go buy without a festival taking place.

Nothing can replicate a fully restored heritage building. This “A” rated city historical resource was built in 1913, but completely renovated in 2002 by Chandos. Nearly everything was replaced except for the original brick walls, wood floors, and beam/posts (the brick walls and beam/posts are still exposed in many of the suites). The combination of these walls and floors along with Chandos’ commitment to making the building as soundproof as possible has made Phillips Lofts unmatched in this area. The Board also wants to be as transparent as possible. Nearly anything you will need as a potential buyer, owner, or resident can be found on this website.

Phillips Lofts is predominately owner-occupied with only a handful of suites currently being rented out.

There is also at least one parking stall for each unit, which cannot be said for every condominium conversion in the downtown.

The Board prides itself on being financially sound. The corporation is well funded both on the operating and reserve fund side. An improvements fund was set up a few years ago to ensure that our building remains one of the most sought after lofts in Edmonton. There has only been one special assessment in the corporation’s history, and this was to cover a spike in natural gas costs in 2004/05.

We hope that we’ve answered ‘Why Phillips Lofts’ and that you will seriously consider Phillips Lofts as your new home.